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Netflix & Chill

I am currently expecting my first baby, which has made me think a lot about how I would like to be as a parent and the type of world my little boy will be growing up in.

Let me start by saying that today’s generation (not as a whole but as a majority) is pretty messed up! The attitude and lack of respect for elders and well anyone or thing makes me angry. One thing that rubs me up the wrong way is when I see these Netflix and chill posts whereby you can’t enjoy a movie without the expectation of intercourse. What happened to a blockbuster and family night in?!

I would love to go out and pick a movie with my siblings and mum on the weekend, grab some popcorn from ASDA, as similar to cinemas today, popcorn is always so expensive in entertainment facilities! But now it’s all online & a few clicks away, I believe this takes away the enjoyment of picking a good movie.

However, there are some really good movies and shows available on such streaming apps as Netflix.

My favourites

1. Locked up.

This is a documentary show whereby convicts in American prisons and jails are interviewed and daily life is documented. I find this incredibly interesting as I am studying psychology and criminology so the insight is great whilst the show itself is entertaining.

2. Black mirror

I love this show and highly recommend it. A futuristic fictional programme which focuses on advancement of technology in a less positive way. Each episode is different which I like as following shows I find difficult at times due to lack of time or interest. It really is a great show which shines a light on the possibility that technology could bring, negatively, whilst being highly entertaining.

3. American horror story

If you are anything like me you will love a good scary movie, American horror story is a fictional show which follows a different theme/story each season featuring the same actors and actresses with a few special appearances such as lady ga ga!!!

I loveee this show as a few seasons have been genuinely scary. I’m not easily scared! I love that they use the same cast as you see great changes in acting and often disassociate previous characters they play as their acting is great! I can not wait for another season to be released and this show is possibly the main reason I pay a subscription to Netflix.

My ‘chill’

If I am not watching a good movie or show on my own it will often be with my partner. It is very easy to throw on a movie and lay around together. I think this takes up too much of our quality time together and consumes the majority of our attention. If it was more difficult to put a movie on I think we’d spend more time .. outside the house or actually talking to each other. I’m sure this will all change thought when little man is born but right now I am pretty disappointed with how much of my time I spend watching tv even though there’s some really good movies and shows to be watched! Maybe I ought to allocate time we do watch tv together, it’s just so difficult when he comes home from work shattered and our bedroom is also our front room!

Thank you for reading xoxo

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What time do you call this?

Here I am, a very lazy person (I do have chronic fatigue) finding myself awake 5am weekdays. My partner is a pain in the ass. He works for a waste collection company – although he is agency which comes with its own problems – starting work at 6am and usually home between 3pm and 6pm. Which means he wakes me up with four alarms and every light in the flat when he gets up, considerate of him I know right!

Continue reading “What time do you call this?”

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What a terrible experience

So today I have taken Hannah (my sister) to specsavers. Emergency visit is due to her increasing headaches and having received a concussion back in December which left her unwell for some time.

I recently visited a local specsavers myself and had a wonderful experience. I now have my new glasses which are aiding me in reading and writing greatly! Today was not so pleasant. Continue reading “What a terrible experience”

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Hannah, AKA HR

I have four siblings, two older than me and two younger. I won’t give the eldest much explaining as she in no longer a part of my life for reasons that are far to complex and raw to explain. My other elder sibling is my brother Martyn AKA Ash, who I feel the need to mention is gay and a unique character but whom I love very much. My younger siblings are Tianna AKA Tia and HR. Yes I am the middle child. Continue reading “Hannah, AKA HR”

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2018 A Message To Myself

Happy new year! 

Dear future me,

This is is going to be an exciting year. Bubba is due June and Remo (partner) is in good work. January is expected to be a busy month with a gender scan, privately booked, on the 11th. Receiving help with mental health in preparation of being a primary care giver and improving existing relationships. Continue reading “2018 A Message To Myself”

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

This Christmas was much like the last for me, did not go to plan. I had hoped to experience a last Xmas as a young adult myself before taking on mummy responsibilities as of June 2018. As I can not drink, this also made me think a Christmas could be celebrated with stocking, chocolate and silly movies. Sadly Santa did not bring me a stocking, a tradition I miss every Christmas but should really accept it is not happening anymore. Continue reading “Christmas.”